Price list:

Dear Customers,

The prices are exclusive of tax, so all the prices indicated are net prices.

If you are a customer from the EU and you have an EU VAT number, you do not need to pay tax. You are expected to make a declaration and settle (pay or reclaim) the tax in your home country. If you have a company but no EU VAT number, you should consider applying for such, otherwise I will need to charge the Hungarian 27% tax rate. It only takes a couple of minutes to apply for the EU VAT number and it is free of charge.

If you are a private individual and have no EU VAT number, you can buy from a non-taxable small enterprise (Gauss Engineering Ltd), at your own discretion. Gauss Engineering Ltd. pursues its activity tax-free. BUT in this case, you cannot buy commercial quantity; you can only buy 2-4 products for yourself or your friends.

If you are a customer from outside the EU, you will buy the products tax-free. Still, you will have to settle the local customs duties and taxes in your own country. No costs are charged for imports from the EU.

I prefer EXW parity for the shipment of commercial volumes to non-EU countries. I am not experienced in the CUSTOMS DUTY and tax regulations of countries outside the Community, and I am not practised in relevant administration procedures.

You are kindly requested to take the above into consideration.

Sincerely yours, team


Dear Customer,

Unfortunately, inflation encountered by us all has severely affected the price of non-ferrous metals including in particular aluminium.
The raw material price of aluminium alloy doubled in the past one year and the process is still ongoing. Consequently, Sandladder team is also compelled to increase its prices from September 2021.
We hope this price increase (which will not exceed the general rate of inflation) will not deter you from buying our products and you will honour us with your confidence.
Thank you for your understanding.
Szilard Laszlo, manager